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ChiliFest 2010

MANKATO, Minn. –On Saturday, November 20 ChiliFest 2010 took place at Buster’s Bar and Grill in Mankato. Teams whipped up their own special recipe of chili from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and competed against each other. Chili fanatics, also known as Mankato area citizens, paid for an afternoon of delight of walking around and sampling chili. Afterward they voted for the chili that they liked best. There was also a bean bag tournament and a silent auction held during this event. Proceeds from ChiliFest went towards the Mankato Veterans Memorial Place and research for RETT syndrome.

The Veterans Memorial was started back in May. As of then $60,000 dollars of the $150,000 goal had been met. The city of Mankato donated the land used for the memorial and is located near second street and the Veterans Memorial Bridge that runs over Hwy 169 to North Mankato.

RETT syndrome is a neurological disease that occurs mainly in girls. It is characterized by normal early growth and development followed by a slowing of development, loss of purposeful use of the hands, slowed brain and head growth, problems with walking, seizures, and intellectual disability. There is currently no cure for RETT syndrome.


Chapter 11: Legal and Ethical Issues

*NOTE: I wrote this blog up this weekend before Sunday at midnight. I was not able to see the NOVEMBER-DECEMBER category on the class blog all weekend and did not know what the guidelines were and assumed I was to write up a summary/ my thoughts on the chapter.

I think what concerned me the most in this chapter is the linking section. I had no idea that it was such a big deal. There main types of linking are deep linking, inline linking, framing, associative linking and linking to illegal material.

When it comes to deep linking I would prefer this on websites. I want to get straight to the information and not have to click multiple times to get to it. I didn’t know that websites would get upset because people aren’t going through their home page to get to the rest of the information they offer. I have used links on my blog and this bothers me that they wouldn’t just be happy that other sites are endorsing ( so to speak) their information by setting up a link to them.

Also in a case of linking to illegal or infringed material the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ordered an injunction because some people put some of their coyrighted work on their website. This makes sense to me but then the people only put links on their website to the church’s information and they still got in trouble! I bet if that was a website that was raving about the church and put that information on their page then there would have been no problem what-so-ever. Lame.

In the case of copyright one word comes to me, ugh. I am currently in magazine article writing class and man do you have to be careful about the information you get, it all has to be primary sources. If you want to add information to your article from another article you have to actually contact that person who wrote it and interview them. One of the few places you can get information you can use off of the Internet is government sites. There are also periodicals you can search for. So it is very hard to know what is true or false on the Internet and if it comes from that source because cut and paste is very easy to use.

I really liked that under the Communications Decency Act (CDA) section 230 the ISP is not held responsible for other information published by another provider. That’s pretty nice because you can’t monitor your site at all times and if a lot of information is coming in you might miss something when looking over it.

Anything you post on the Internet, particularly on your blog, should be something you don’t mind others knowing about for years to come. You want to present yourself as a competent person and be known to post ethical items online. That is how you get a following on your blog and essentially a job.

Fashion Week Video Critique

Look at camera angles, movement and how effective they are. Could they have been improved? How, specifically?

I didn’t particularly like how the panning was done with the camera. The operator went too fast, I didn’t get to see everything and it made me a little dizzy. Even when she was interviewing the fashion designers she was shaking and wasn’t using herself as a steady tripod. The video from the actual fashion show was only about 10 seconds long and I felt that that should have been the most important and main part of the whole video. She was a far distance away from the runway as well, I don’t know if she could go down there and shoot footage but that would have been better. Maybe video tape from one of the corners of the runway a little distance away so she could get the whole runway in the frame and not have to zoom or pan at all. She also got really close and cut of the heads of the fashion designers while interviewing them. She just had to zoom out a bit and it would have been better.

Listen to audio, both music and voice interviews an critique how effective they are. Could they have been improved? How?

I was glad that I could actually hear the questions the girl was asking and the answers from the interviewees. At one point though she was interviewing Paul Wilmot and she was far away from him and the microphone was picking up a lot of background noise and I couldn’t hear him that well.  She probably should have got closer or another type of microphone to help with this problem. I liked the music, I thought it fit the hip fashion mood but I felt the music became more powerful then the video taping.

Investigate this piece from a shot-by-shot standpoint to break down where it goes wrong and what it does right. How would YOU have made it better if you had been at N. Y. Fashion Week (a very big deal, indeed) with only one chance to get this right?

I liked the beginning of the video and the text that was present when the video was taping new parts of the fashion week process like backstage and the runway. I hated the dizzying panning and the shaky interviews and lack of light in the last interview. Fashion Week is suppose to be hip and cutting edge and I think that’s what this girl was trying to do but she failed. Only in the music department did she succeed I believe. If I was this girl I would have gotten more coverage of the runway from a good angle so that you could see the whole runway and maybe the models getting ready backstage if I could. I would zoom out on the first two interviews but keep close so I could hear there answers. The last interview was dark and I would have had us step into some light and gotten closer so I could hear him. I would have brought a microphone that didn’t pick up sound from all around.


Contact: Dustyne Kruse                                                                       Immediate Release

Title: Public Relations Coordinator

Cell Phone: 507-317-5555

E-Mail: dustyne.kruse@mnsu.edu


CHICAGO– Exercise is taking a major part in disease prevention and treatment plans. Exercise benefits people being treated for cancer cope with the side effects of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, including fatigue and loss of muscle mass.

New national cancer guidelines point out exercise benefits and urge patients to exercise during and after disease treatment for 150 minutes per week, the same advice given to those wanting to prevent disease.

Cindy Gerstner, whose stage IV breast cancer has spread to her brain, lungs, bones and liver said,”It’s part of my treatment. It’s almost as important as chemotherapy in helping me stay on this earth as long as possible.”

Though research is still in the early stages, there’s encouraging evidence that consistent physical activity can help with everything from cancer and Parkinson’s Disease to alcoholism. The “exercise is medicine” movement is followed by multiple organizations, including the American College of Sports Medicine, the Chicago Park District and cancer support groups.

“Exercise can result in a 40 to 50 percent reduction in the risk for recurrence of breast cancer,” said Kathryn Schmitz, an associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at the Abramson Cancer Center.

Exercise appears to relieve symptoms, but its impact on the natural course of the disease isn’t known.


Keywords: Disease Treatment Through Exercise, Exercise Benefits, Physical Activity

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The Language of the Image


Quality of Light

Point of Entry

I decided to take the Language of Image course on the Poynter News University. I’ve always been interested in photography and wanted to learn more that was involved in taking better pictures. The course has four main tabs that you can click on:

-Photo Type

-Single Elements

-Multiple Elements

-Different Approach

When you click on one of the tabs there are multiple forms of that subject that you can click on. You are given a picture example and a reason why that picture is an example of that form of the subject.

For example if you click on Single Elements you get a definition of what that means and then you can click on quality of light. A picture will pop up that shows you an example of quality of light and a reason why it pertains to quality of light.

The whole course is just like a bunch of flash cards and you can go through and look at as many examples as you need to understand how to spot that form of photography. It was a good course, I’m still not very good at figuring out all the elements that are present in pictures because I can’t remember them all. I had to keep going back to the course when I was finding examples for this blog and see if a picture I liked had any of the elements. I thought this was good basic knowledge to get started in photography,  it helps you understand how to bring a picture to life and how you can make it say what you want.




Top 3 Places To Live

So I figured I’d try out a travelogue type blog. I chose 3 places where I would want to live (if possible) in the future. I have a few reasons why I want to live in these places and a few facts about them too. These places are in no particular order.

I’m not going to lie ever since I saw the movie “Ps I Love You” I’ve wanted to travel to Ireland. Mainly because of the sweet accents and cute singing men but also there’s a scene where Hilary Swank is walking through a national park and it’s beyond beautiful with prairie grass and purple flowers blowing in the breeze. Ireland has a rich cultural background and a long, interesting history. There’s also amazing castles, Irish music, gorgeous views of the sea by cliff and of course the Irish pubs.


Some friends of mine went on a school trip to Greece, Rome and Italy. I never really thought much of Greece until I saw their pictures. Amazing architecture and great food (I have recently realized)! I really enjoyed mythology as a child and there’s so much of that history based in Greece and the general area. I also got to see the movie “My Life In Ruins” Which made me want to learn Greek and become a tour guide so I can spread knowledge about Greece onto others as interested as I am. Greece is the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games and Western drama, including tragedy and comedy.

#3 Switzerland

When I was in Barnes and Noble I asked my boyfriend where we should live after college. Now is the time to move anywhere because we own little and have no kids. His response was Switzerland. I have never looked into Switzerland because it’s a place you never really hear about but there in lies the key to why it’s so amazing. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world.  Zürich and Geneva are ranked as the cities with the second and third highest quality of life in the world. So not only is it a beautiful place to live it is a place where you can live in comfort. However, jobs in Switzerland are hard to obtain if you aren’t a citizen. Doesn’t hurt to try though.

HTML Exercise

HTML Tutorials

About HTML

There is a lot more you can learn about HTML. And the best place to turn for complete information on any topic related to Web design is, of course, the Web. The following sites offer helpful tutorials so you can learn more about HTML.

HTML Tutorials

Chicago: Musical at MSU

Mankato Free Press Article

I would just like to say that Paul Finocchiaro has directed an great version of Chicago. He made excellent casting decisions and his research helped bring the Fosse style back to life. I did NOT realize how much research went into making a widely known musical into one’s own. I would also like to point out all the hard work that went into creating the Chicago set. I’ve helped in the theatre workshop for three semesters and it’s hard labor. What may look like a simple set took weeks to produce.  So  kuddos to the shop workers and also to those who run sound and lights. Last but not least the show wouldn’t be what it is without the live orchestra playing the music. The actors aren’t the only talented ones in this musical. It’s not just the actors that make a show what it is. So get your butts to Chicago and prepare to be razzled and dazzled. If you’re husband or boyfriend isn’t very motivated to go you can mention the half nude girls dancing around too.

There is something else I would care to get out of my system. As the House Manager for the production of Chicago at Minnesota State University, Mankato I can honestly say, “Wow.” If this particular musical was so wanted by the community then why are all the patrons so rude and continue to show up 10 minutes late to the opening act?? They should all be there early because of their excitement or  just being on time would be great. The show shouldn’t have to wait for those who are late. They waste the time of others who show up on time to the show and the performers who work hard to entertain.

I see many of these late-comers dressed in nice business attire and I wonder how late do they show up to meetings? They must make their clients and fellow employees very upset consistently. But this is another blog for another day.

New York Times

Polygamy Salt Lake Tribune

So I recently read an article in the National Geographic about Polygamy. Yes, not the most entertaining subject but it was very, very interesting and eye-opening. I couldn’t believe that kind of stuff was still going on! Wow! Well when asked to do this assignment I wanted to take a look at National Geographic to find the article about polygamy I was reading in the magazine. It was taking too long to try and shuffle through the multiple videos and pictures and articles related to polygamy. So I gave up and wandered over to Google and typed in Polygamy and I went onto the New York Times website. I typed in the search again and all the articles and national briefings they had written had easy to read titles and dates. The dates went in descending order and it was easier to find information on the topic I was researching since I only remembered it was a 2007 publication and I wasn’t clear on the article title. There were also links to other news sites that had articles about Polgamy. Which is nice if you need to find more sources for a story. With the New York Times bring an accurate source of news I’m sure this information comes from well trained journalists. I stumbled upon a section titled multimedia and there were multiple slide shows of pictures. There were also travel videos towards the bottom of the Travel section. I felt it was an accomidating web site. However, when I was trying to read the news briefings on polygamy they were short and at the bottom of the article it said how you could get the full newspaper experience. It made me wonder if I was reading the whole article or only getting part of it. I wasn’t sure. I’m not much on reading the news and that’s probably not good because of the field I’m going into but if I wanted to get some quick information on a certain topic it was easy to find at New York Times.