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The Language of the Image


Quality of Light

Point of Entry

I decided to take the Language of Image course on the Poynter News University. I’ve always been interested in photography and wanted to learn more that was involved in taking better pictures. The course has four main tabs that you can click on:

-Photo Type

-Single Elements

-Multiple Elements

-Different Approach

When you click on one of the tabs there are multiple forms of that subject that you can click on. You are given a picture example and a reason why that picture is an example of that form of the subject.

For example if you click on Single Elements you get a definition of what that means and then you can click on quality of light. A picture will pop up that shows you an example of quality of light and a reason why it pertains to quality of light.

The whole course is just like a bunch of flash cards and you can go through and look at as many examples as you need to understand how to spot that form of photography. It was a good course, I’m still not very good at figuring out all the elements that are present in pictures because I can’t remember them all. I had to keep going back to the course when I was finding examples for this blog and see if a picture I liked had any of the elements. I thought this was good basic knowledge to get started in photography,  it helps you understand how to bring a picture to life and how you can make it say what you want.





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