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Social Media’s Impact on Print Media

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I have many opinions on the new forms of technology that are taking over the media world by storm. I feel like I was in the eye of this fictitious storm last year and then bam all of a sudden this year I’m FINALLY catching wind of the new revolution. I look up news stories online and even recipes but it just doesn’t satisfy me like holding a hard copy in my hand and being able to hold onto that for as long as I want. All this Facebook and Twitter business is great for businesses it looks like, but is it only for college kids just coming into the media field? For those who are older and are willing to learn the new ways while sacrificing what had been working for them for years?  We had a speaker come into our Multimedia class and he had lost his job at a great newspaper. Many people there were losing their jobs because of downsizing. Because of new social media. I dislike the impact social media and online news has done to print but I know newspapers and magazines won’t become extinct anytime soon. There are still those out their who appreciate the smell of a new newspaper and reading it until the ink had rubbed off onto their hands. Those who refuse to put themselves onto the Internet. Those who don’t know how to use social media or even have access to it. That long-tail percentage will keep print media going. My time with print media is almost at an end and I guess I have to keep with the times because if I don’t then I’ll get left in the dust. Pure Darwinism right here.

I guess the renovation after the destruction is what life’s all about. rebuilding and moving on.


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