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Fashion Week Video Critique

Look at camera angles, movement and how effective they are. Could they have been improved? How, specifically?

I didn’t particularly like how the panning was done with the camera. The operator went too fast, I didn’t get to see everything and it made me a little dizzy. Even when she was interviewing the fashion designers she was shaking and wasn’t using herself as a steady tripod. The video from the actual fashion show was only about 10 seconds long and I felt that that should have been the most important and main part of the whole video. She was a far distance away from the runway as well, I don’t know if she could go down there and shoot footage but that would have been better. Maybe video tape from one of the corners of the runway a little distance away so she could get the whole runway in the frame and not have to zoom or pan at all. She also got really close and cut of the heads of the fashion designers while interviewing them. She just had to zoom out a bit and it would have been better.

Listen to audio, both music and voice interviews an critique how effective they are. Could they have been improved? How?

I was glad that I could actually hear the questions the girl was asking and the answers from the interviewees. At one point though she was interviewing Paul Wilmot and she was far away from him and the microphone was picking up a lot of background noise and I couldn’t hear him that well.  She probably should have got closer or another type of microphone to help with this problem. I liked the music, I thought it fit the hip fashion mood but I felt the music became more powerful then the video taping.

Investigate this piece from a shot-by-shot standpoint to break down where it goes wrong and what it does right. How would YOU have made it better if you had been at N. Y. Fashion Week (a very big deal, indeed) with only one chance to get this right?

I liked the beginning of the video and the text that was present when the video was taping new parts of the fashion week process like backstage and the runway. I hated the dizzying panning and the shaky interviews and lack of light in the last interview. Fashion Week is suppose to be hip and cutting edge and I think that’s what this girl was trying to do but she failed. Only in the music department did she succeed I believe. If I was this girl I would have gotten more coverage of the runway from a good angle so that you could see the whole runway and maybe the models getting ready backstage if I could. I would zoom out on the first two interviews but keep close so I could hear there answers. The last interview was dark and I would have had us step into some light and gotten closer so I could hear him. I would have brought a microphone that didn’t pick up sound from all around.


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