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Chapter 11: Legal and Ethical Issues

*NOTE: I wrote this blog up this weekend before Sunday at midnight. I was not able to see the NOVEMBER-DECEMBER category on the class blog all weekend and did not know what the guidelines were and assumed I was to write up a summary/ my thoughts on the chapter.

I think what concerned me the most in this chapter is the linking section. I had no idea that it was such a big deal. There main types of linking are deep linking, inline linking, framing, associative linking and linking to illegal material.

When it comes to deep linking I would prefer this on websites. I want to get straight to the information and not have to click multiple times to get to it. I didn’t know that websites would get upset because people aren’t going through their home page to get to the rest of the information they offer. I have used links on my blog and this bothers me that they wouldn’t just be happy that other sites are endorsing ( so to speak) their information by setting up a link to them.

Also in a case of linking to illegal or infringed material the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ordered an injunction because some people put some of their coyrighted work on their website. This makes sense to me but then the people only put links on their website to the church’s information and they still got in trouble! I bet if that was a website that was raving about the church and put that information on their page then there would have been no problem what-so-ever. Lame.

In the case of copyright one word comes to me, ugh. I am currently in magazine article writing class and man do you have to be careful about the information you get, it all has to be primary sources. If you want to add information to your article from another article you have to actually contact that person who wrote it and interview them. One of the few places you can get information you can use off of the Internet is government sites. There are also periodicals you can search for. So it is very hard to know what is true or false on the Internet and if it comes from that source because cut and paste is very easy to use.

I really liked that under the Communications Decency Act (CDA) section 230 the ISP is not held responsible for other information published by another provider. That’s pretty nice because you can’t monitor your site at all times and if a lot of information is coming in you might miss something when looking over it.

Anything you post on the Internet, particularly on your blog, should be something you don’t mind others knowing about for years to come. You want to present yourself as a competent person and be known to post ethical items online. That is how you get a following on your blog and essentially a job.


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