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So I recently read an article in the National Geographic about Polygamy. Yes, not the most entertaining subject but it was very, very interesting and eye-opening. I couldn’t believe that kind of stuff was still going on! Wow! Well when asked to do this assignment I wanted to take a look at National Geographic to find the article about polygamy I was reading in the magazine. It was taking too long to try and shuffle through the multiple videos and pictures and articles related to polygamy. So I gave up and wandered over to Google and typed in Polygamy and I went onto the New York Times website. I typed in the search again and all the articles and national briefings they had written had easy to read titles and dates. The dates went in descending order and it was easier to find information on the topic I was researching since I only remembered it was a 2007 publication and I wasn’t clear on the article title. There were also links to other news sites that had articles about Polgamy. Which is nice if you need to find more sources for a story. With the New York Times bring an accurate source of news I’m sure this information comes from well trained journalists. I stumbled upon a section titled multimedia and there were multiple slide shows of pictures. There were also travel videos towards the bottom of the Travel section. I felt it was an accomidating web site. However, when I was trying to read the news briefings on polygamy they were short and at the bottom of the article it said how you could get the full newspaper experience. It made me wonder if I was reading the whole article or only getting part of it. I wasn’t sure. I’m not much on reading the news and that’s probably not good because of the field I’m going into but if I wanted to get some quick information on a certain topic it was easy to find at New York Times.


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  1. I love the New York Times. Just like you have had luck looking through the Polygamy articles, I have had luck with them when searching for information on particular issues that I run across. Good post.


    October 7, 2010 at 7:25 pm

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